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Multifunctional robot for emergency services

Parosha Innovators B.V. from St. Annaparochie developed a versatile robot, which helps emergency services in dangerous tasks such as fire fighting and removing explosives. A7Westergo provided funding for the development of a prototype.

The results

In 2012 Parosha Innovators B.V. developed a prototype that during the Meeting of States Boards & 2 November 2012 demonstrated. In the spring of 2013 a second prototype will be developed by Parosha Innovators B.V. the Parosha Cheatah GOSAFER. The production of the robot will take place in Friesland and is expected eventually about 60 highly skilled jobs in Friesland.

International there has been responded with interest for the universally deployable robot.

Source: A7Westergo


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