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In some situations, it is too dangerous to send people for inspection & research. Think of situations where dangerous substances are released or burning buildings. Or where people have to work with suspected goods. For example suitcases on the airport.

The Parosha Cheatah GOSAFER is a multi-purpose UGV and is very suitable for inspection & research missions. The Parosha Cheatah GOSAFER also has various technical tools for inspection & investigation missions. Through the heavy-duty hydraulic powered robot arm, it is possible to transport or move suspected goods.

Such as a day- and night video-camera’s (thermal imaging camera), integrated position locating system, laser rangefinder capable of accurately determining the location of targets, acoustic detection system, AN/VDR-2 nuclear detection system, real time data transmitting system etc.

The Parosha Cheatah GOSAFER is robust, reliable, extremely versatile and flexible in use. With a broad palette of tools the Parosha Cheatah GOSAFER is modular, adaptable and expandable and can be controlled at a great distance, which means safety for the operator. The Parosha Cheatah GOSAFER can be easily transported by vehicle or aircraft and is instantly ready for operation.

The Parosha Cheatah GOSAFER is suitable for any terrain and can operate under several environmental conditions. In facts of maneuverability the Parosha Cheatah GOSAFER performs extremely well. The Parosha Cheatah GOSAFER is fitted with a 10 road wheels for high mobility. With its high mobility the Parosha Cheatah GOSAFER can achieve highs speeds on flat, rock, mud, snow and other tough terrain (an all terrain UGV).

Technical specifications Inspection & Research UGV

For the technical specifications see here.